Be a part of something awesome

As an Entrepreneur…

Seeds for Dreams is a source of early stage financing without transfer of equity or debt obligations for small female-led Saskatchewan businesses.  In addition, it exposes your business to potential investors, mentors and customers.  Gain experience promoting your business and asking for investment in a comfortable, positive environment.

This is a quarterly event where three businesses are chosen to pitch. The Seeds for Dreams members then vote on the pitches and the company receiving the most votes receives a $100 cheque from each member to use toward allowable business expenses.

Every step of the process offers business owners valuable feedback on their business and their attractiveness to investors.  So regardless of the outcome, all applicants benefit.  We ask the winning business to return to the next event, and  then again in 1 year to share how the money impacted their business.

Share your business dreams and we’ll see if we can help you make them a reality!

As a Member…

If you love small business and if you want to help make big things happen, then become a member of Seeds for Dreams and watch your contribution grow in the most creative way imaginable, in the hands of a passionate entrepreneur!  You’ll be a change Maker, a confidence creator, a cash cultivator.

Members may be male or female and do not have to be Accredited Investors.  You are simply asked to register as a member and commit to supporting 4 businesses with $100 each over a 12-month period.

Each quarter, we will host a networking event, come hone your skills for picking a winner in a fun, safe environment.

Become part of a very special group that will impact the future for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs!

Our Next Evening

Join our next Pitch & Vote event Tuesday January 16, 2018 starting at 7 pm, at LB Distillers.  For more information visit our events schedule.

Mark your calendars for additional 2018 dates:
Tuesday April 10, 2018
Tuesday June 19, 2018
Tuesday October 9, 2018