Hello Goodbye

The driving force behind Seeds for Dreams was to make change, create confidence and cultivate cash for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs.  We accomplished that in just 3 years with more than 100 members raising over $100,000 for 12 companies.  Although many entrepreneurs applied because they needed the money, after going through the process participants told us the most important outcomes were the connections they made and the motivation they received from the Seeds for Dreams members.

COVID-19 has changed our world and put a hold on Seeds for Dreams.
The organizing committee considered video streaming our events but all agreed that the true strength of our evenings is the enthusiastic, engaging, in-person audiences.

As the restrictions continued, and with further discussions, our committee believes Seeds really has achieved the goals we had envisioned.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the past three years, we would have liked to host a big celebration, but it’s just not possible now, nor in the foreseeable future.

The time has come for Seeds for Dreams to say farewell.

Your participation in Seeds for Dreams has made a real difference in our community.  Your investments in the winning businesses expedited growth plans (and, looking back, was probably a foundation to prepare them for the challenges brought on by COVID-19). You have made a positive impact on all the women who pitched and received your thought provoking questions, business advise and encouragement.

To all of our extraordinary members and sponsors, we say Thank You for taking a chance and joining this unique journey. 

12 companies received our votes, financial support, and made connections they might not have otherwise. Another 27 companies pitched and received your encouragement and advice and most of them continue to operate even through these most challenging of times.  All 12 of the winning companies and, 22 of the 27 companies who pitched, are still in operation.  We think that says a lot about our women-owned/led businesses in Saskatoon. The support and mentoring and encouragement you have provided has had and will continue to be meaningful to these companies.

We hope you will find ways to continue supporting local businesses.

Our Winners

Roberta Bain, Ecobain Gardens (now Mother Labs)
Morgan Hertz, LifeCYCLE Spin Studio (now owned by Jessica & Deyton Bonish)
Alisha Esmail, Road Coffee

Devon Fiddler, SheNative Designs
Jessica Wruck, Wruck Riding Centre
Rebecca Bekolay & Lee Braun, Axiom Career College
Serese Selanders, ORA for You

Kalli Youngstrom, Kind Condiments (and KY Fitness)
Palma Cafolla and Del Thomson, Zingaro
Racheal Eyahpaise, Bannock Express
Catherine Higginbotham, Saskatchcushion

Tammy Zdunich, The Well Collaborative

Seeds for Dreams Community

We want to thank all our community supporters who stepped up and helped us make this such a success.

ICR chose Seeds for Dreams as the recipient of the funds from their annual golf tournament
North Sask Business Association provided a one-year membership to each winning company
The mentorship program offered a 50% discount on their program fee to winning company
Each presenting company was given guest passes to consult with business professionals
Each winning company received a one-year membership













We also want to acknowledge and thank our sponsors who were a part of Seeds for Dreams from the very beginning.  Their contributions were invaluable in making the Seeds for Dreams experience such an outstanding success.

So Long from The Seeds for Dreamers

Jill Sauter, Andrea Hansen, Mary Donlevy-Konkin, Marie Savostianik, Laurel Reich,
Laurie Dmytryshyn, Katrina German, Steph Yong, Lorna Shaw-Lennox,
Brooke Healey and Alisha Esmail