About us

When a group of people get together and decide that maybe there are some pretty amazing companies in our community that could use a little help once in awhile – some interesting things can happen.  And that’s what Seeds for Dreams is.

Companies don’t always need a million dollars, or even several hundred thousand.  Sometimes all they need is a small influx of cash to help them build a retail website, or hire a marketing specialist, or design specialist or sales person – and well the list could be endless.  And that is what we have decided to do.

A core group of about 8 of us brainstormed, reached out to our various networks to see if there was an appetite for this face-to-face type of crowdfunding, and the answer was a resounding yes.

This is NOT a traditional organization.  There are people who take on tasks, get them done.  We don’t have a bank account or a treasurer, or any formal structure.  We will receive applications.  We will select 4.  We will invite the Seeds for Dreams Members to come and listen to the pitch.  A winner will be chosen.  All of the members will write cheques to the winner. And the cycle will begin again in three months.

The Seeds for Dreamers
Jill Sauter, Andrea Hansen, Mary Donlevy-Konkin, Marie Savostianik
Laurel Reich, Laurie Dmytryshyn, Katrina German, Steph Yong, (Lorna Shaw-Lennox missing in Mexico)