Who can Apply

Basic mandatory eligibility for the program includes:

  • The company is headquartered in Saskatchewan
  • The company has been in operation for one year (can still be pre-revenue) if demonstrated near market
  • At least one  team leader or owner is female

Please review the Seeds for Dreams Application Form for more details.


Businesses may submit a Seeds for Dreams Application Form before each pitch event.  Download the application, then open or save it to complete. After the cut-off date, about a week prior, a committee of volunteers will ensure the applicants fit the eligibility requirements then choose three companies to pitch at the event.  For a complete calendar of upcoming events and application deadlines, see the Schedule or follow us on social media.

Submit application forms to seeds@seedsfordreams.ca

In general, funds may be used for any legitimate, legal business expenses including:

  • Accessing and leveraging other program support
  • Costs associated with product testing or market verification
  • Scale-up design
  • Marketing strategy development or execution
  • Promotions for market expansion including conferences, trade shows & travel
  • Business consulting or other professional services
  • Insurance costs

For details on the acceptable uses of the funds received, please see the Seeds for Dreams Use of Funds Agreement.

The Pitch

Let us get to know you!  We want to know about your business and your plans for growth but we also want to get to know you.  Anyone supporting your business is not just investing in the market opportunity but they’re also giving you their vote of confidence.  Tell us why you’re the person we want to put our money behind.

Pitches are verbal – no presentation slides!  You’ll have 4 minutes to tell us about your business then there will be a 6 minute question period.  Intense? Yes, but worth the effort!  You’ll need to be very focused and make every sentence count.

We’ve put together some Pitch Tips to help guide and focus you as you prepare your story.

Additional Support for Companies Selected to Pitch

And it’s not just about the money – some of our members are generously donating their time, expertise, services and programming to support you and your business.

  • Stephanie Yong and Jill Sauter have offered to provide coaching as you prepare your pitch.  They have a wealth of experience in helping entrepreneurs prepare to tell their business story. You can email Stephanie and Jill directly if you are selected.
  • Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc. will provide 1 year memberships (a $125 value) for each company pitching, giving you access to benefits such as loans, training, mentoring and business advisory services.
  • Square One will provide 2 Guest Advisor Passes for each company pitching, giving you a to access to one-on-one professional services.
  • Raj Manek Sponsorship Program will cover 50% of the cost of a protege membership (a $150 value) for each winning company. Please contact Kanchan Manek for more information.