January 15, 2019 Event

And the winner is…

Kalli Youngstrom, CEO of Kind Compliments and she was presented with the BIG cheque from Seeds For Dreams members PLUS an additional $1,500 from ICR Commercial Real Estate from the ICR Women’s Classic Golf Tournament held in August.

Kind Condiments is focused on making better food, better for you.  We believe that the best food is made with local, fresh, pronounceable, real food.  We’ve created a line of all-natural, oil-based mayonnaise – a mayonnaise with no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Ph: 306-378-7419 (Saskatoon)  E: kindcondiments@gmail.com


The evening’s other 2 presenters were:

Melissa Squire, Owner of Alchemy Collective and Melissa Squire Fashion Design,

Alchemy is a collaboration of local fashion designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, tattoo, piercing, aromatherapy, and socially conscious created clothing and accessories – and soon, expanding into online and wholesale.  Alchemy started in 2010 and has grown and evolved since, never losing focus of our goals.  Over 50 local artists’ products are available.

Ph: 306-244-5444 (Saskatoon) E: alchemy.melissa@gmail.com

Erin Holm, Founder of Den Designs They create unique, wooden home décor and art.  They also donate 10% of sales to western Canadian Cancer Patient Lodges.

Ph: 639-471-4158 (Saskatoon) E: dendesignsyxe@gmail.com

Thank you to Tamara Dale Photography for capturing the magic of each and every evening…