January 16, 2018 Event

Three amazing, inspiring women pitched to a full house last night at the Seeds for Dreams evening.  Plus, we are now 108 STRONG, congratulations to all of you for your commitment to Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs.  What an impact you are making.

For those of you who weren’t able to be there, check out our Facebook page – we have videos of the three amazing pitches; Maureen Johnson, Owner/Designer of MauReu Designs, Christa Folster, Owner of Wild Spirit Education Ltd. and Devon Fiddler, CEO & Founder of SheNative Goods.

And the winner for the night was:


Devon Fiddler, SheNative Design, Saskatoon
Her company designs and manufactures genuine leather goods that elevate Indigenous women and girls by providing a connection to share personal stories, Indigenous knowledge, develop dynamic skills, and engage in meaningful work.  Their designs are a catalyst to transform public perceptions of Indigenous women by sharing stories, conveying cultural teachings, building empathy, and accentuating hope for positive change.


Two other great pitches from the night:

MauReu Designs creates unique jewelry in Saskatoon.  They work with fine silver precious metal clay, an innovative medium for artisans developed in Japan in 1990.  The jewelry is kiln fired to create 99.99% solid silver pieces. Designs are sold online and at artisan events throughout the province.
Maureen Johnson, Owner/Designer, Saskatoon

Wild Spirit Education Ltd. is an independent school in Saskatchewan.  We provide education for children ages 1 year to Grade 8, as well as their entire family with our different programs.  Wild Spirit Education provides a peaceful, individualized approach to education.  The students are driven by their love of learning and natural curiosity about the world around them.  Our staff provides a hands-on approach to learning, nature-based programs, and educating the whole child.
Christa Folster, Owner, Saskatoon