October 9, 2018 Event

October 9th was our 7th event and we had three well-prepared, well-presented pitches from three women who not only want to be successful in their business, but who also have a deep desire to help others live healthier, longer lives.

And the winner is:

Serese Selanders,Founder and CEO, Ora For You, Saskatoon.

ORA is an extremely lightweight, discreet wearable device that pairs with a smartphone and send instant emergency notification when help is needed – at the push of a button.  The device fits into a range of holders, from belt clips to jewelry.  ORA is ideal for a wide range of people, in particular older adults and lone workers.  Serese was not only the winner of the $9100 from our membership, but she was the first recipient of $1500 from the ICR Golf Tournaments in support of Seeds for Dreams.  It was a good night!

Our other two presenters were:

Carly Beaudry, Owner, Carly Rae Integrative Bodywork, Saskatoon – Her business is a hands-on manual therapy practice specializing in women’s health.  She works with girls an women of all ages through a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional health issues and imbalances.  She teaches women and girls one-on-one, as well as group workshops about their bodies, how we function as women, menstrual and reproductive health, and how to care for their female bodies.  She educates and empowers women and girls daily in her practice to that they can thrive.

Mallory Guenther, Owner, Soul Foods Conscious Grocer, Saskatoon – This your Riversdale ‘corner store with so much more.’ This min-grocer provides basic grocery needs along with a customized bulk food section, herbal apothecary, kombucha and smoothie bar, and whole foods deli.  Soul Foods partners with local producers helping create a stronger local economy.  With the belief that healthier bodies result in healthier minds creating a healthier society, and that the health of our community is a social responsibility.  A variety of educational classes and workshops are also offered to inspire those involved to take their health into their own hands.

As always, Tamara Dale Photography captures the magic of the evening…