As a member, you will have an immediate, direct & positive impact on the local economy – no red tape, no due diligence.  Hone your skills for picking a winner in a fun, safe environment. Trust your gut and make a real difference for local women entrepreneurs.

Member Obligations

Members are asked for a minimum commitment of one $100.00 (cheque, cash or e-transfer) at each of 4 meetings held quarterly over 12 months ($400/year). The money must be given without expectation of a tax receipt (businesses are not registered charities) or debt obligation with the company receiving the funds.  Members can be women or men, business owners or not, and you are not required to be Accredited Investors as defined by the Government of Saskatchewan.

To make this all happen, we need you to sign-up using the Seeds for Dreams Membership Form and agreeing to the Membership Commitment.

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Member Tips

Seeds for Dreams is not a bank with stiff criteria and a lot of hoops to jump through. Seeds for Dreams is also not about giving money away.  Our objective is to create an comfortable, supportive opportunity for both companies and investors to stretch their wings.

Experienced investors know that you can’t pick a winner every time.  On the other hand, identifying a good investment opportunity requires a set of skills that comes with practice. Seeds for Dreams offers investors a chance to learn from others and develop skills for choosing winning companies and entrepreneurs to support.